Ignorance is Bliss!

So I was Watching this movie “Flatland: The Film (2007)” that is based on Edwin Abbott Abbott’s book “Flatland: A Romance of many dimensions”, and there was one character ‘A Sphere’ who passed a comment ‘Ignorance is Bliss’.

Well, believe it or not, it is one of the greatest truth.

While you’re ignorant, you aren’t in the position where people will expect you to live rightly.

While you don’t know good, bad won’t bear any meaning.

Being ignorant, you won’t question the things around you, you won’t interfere in other people’s matters and you certainly won’t grow.

You won’t be a threat to other people’s existence.

Or in any way, you won’t be able to lead a better life than the people around you.

No one will compete with you.

You’ll be in your own state of utter ignorance and no one will care.

And it’ll seem to be a blessing.

But a short-term blessing!


For it won’t lead you to any positivity or growth!






Resort to Deeds, and not to Words!

A man of words and not of deeds,

Is like a garden full of weeds,

And when the weeds begin to grow,

It’s like a garden full of snow.

And when the snow begins to fall,

It’s like a bird upon the wall.

And when the bird away does fly,

It’s like an eagle in the sky.

And when the sky begins to roar,

It’s like a lion at the door.

And when the door begins to crack,

It’s like a stick across your back.

And when your back begins to smart,

It’s like a penknife in your heart.

And when your heart begins to bleed.

And when your heart begins to bleed,

You’re dead and dead and dead indeed.

(Charles Perrault 1628-1703)

While being confident about one’s self is a requisite of positive behavior and a source of positive energy, it must be kept in mind that exaggerating about one’s self, and boasting about what one can do and achieve, or  bragging about one’s abilities and capabilities is a depiction of low self esteem.

Dignified behavior exhibits confidence and achievements through your actions and not merely through the tongue.

A person who only talks and boasts and is not involved in any fruitful activity is always at loss, or more precisely, ‘like a garden full of weeds’ according to Charles Perrault.

So, let us strive to be a man of deeds and not of words.

Let us resort to deeds, and not to words only!

Let us be a silent force, and an inspiration to the people around us!



The Path already defined

Sometimes, things don’t go the way you plan them.

You find yourself failing at a particular task no matter ho much effort you’re putting in.

Let me tell you this.

God has already destined your fate.

He has already carved out a path for you, for your unique self and you do not have to compare yours with others.

And no matter how much hard you work for achieving something, when He wills, it will happen.

Otherwise it won’t.

So don’t grieve.

For your path has been written.

Your path has already been defined.

Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.

So trust God and His timings.

And trust that everything happens for a reason!


Two Roads

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”
In the life that we have been blessed with, we always have a choice.
We have two roads ahead of us.
One is the road that requires you to follow the crowd.
The other encourages you to follow your heart.
Most of us take the road that is already traveled by others, because of fear of the unknown. And so that we may know what lies ahead, failing to realize that there are paths and journeys we need to experience ourselves and other people’s experience is based on their perception of their path.
The other road is the road less traveled by.
Where you do not follow the people around you, the crowd that wants to take you down with them in their ignorance.
The path is guided by the hearttw
By our intuition.
By our conscience.
That is the right path.
That is the path that will make the difference because it will give you your own individuality!
Be open to challenges, be brave to experience life and struggle constantly to better yourself!
And most importantly, follow your heart,
because it knows the way.

The Inner Child

So often, we tend to fall into arguments and disagreements with people around us.

This is something natural and something that is meant to happen because when you interact with people, you all have different opinions and views on certain subjects.

And if we lose control over our emotions and do not understand the other person, we fall into dispute or even a quarrel.

And we tend to avoid talking to them out of our pride, ego and resentment.

We avoid initiating any conversation with them, waiting for them to extend their hand first.

Age has many beautiful gifts, but one we could live without is the pride and resentment we hold onto when we have a conflict with people.

The forgiving, forgetting, free spirit of children is out true nature.

Our inner child always wants to connect despite the ego.

Remember this when you feel stubborn.

16 - 1 (1)
An Art piece by the Burning Man


From one house to the next to the next.

Her daily routine was made of her work at different places with different ‘Bajis’.

There was her ‘Bangla Wali Baji’ in whose servant quarter she resided with her family.

And then there were many others.

From dawn till dusk, she performed her work with utter responsibility.

And she did it daily, for her family and her children and her house.

She was fully committed in fulfilling her responsibility.

And never did she show any sign of distress, of misery.

Though her life had been a constant struggle, she was satisfied with it.

And then I realized that personal satisfaction and peace of mind has nothing to do with the worldly affairs!

It depends solely on your outlook of life!


The little Ego we have…

And so often, we fail to realize the importance of a single text or a call, that could lighten up someone’s mood, or bring a smile to your parent’s face or heal some broken ties.

We tend to live with an ego, that is always adamant at ruining relationships.

And it always seem difficult for us to start a conversation, or talk humbly and politely.

We live in so much conceit, we thing of ourselves as Higher Beings, we remain self-centered, and these kind of things lead to no goodness.

We need to overcome the negatives in ourselves.

We need to adopt humility in our day to day interactions with people around.

It might take some time, but once you’ll succeed in it, you’ll be glad you worked on yourself.1000_bigstock-closeup-of-a-mature-woman-usin-8597689_20150201_001155

Each time he would give his maximum potential.

He would issue reference books from the library, watch videos on Youtube, make a separate notebook for each of his subject, practice all the numerical and learn all the definitions.

And each time he would fail.

There were other students besides him, who wouldn’t work hard the way he did, and still they managed to get better grades.

And no matter how much he would struggle to learn all of his syllabus, he would fail.

Was God being unjust with him?

He always hoped that his hardwork would pay off.

But he saw nothing coming.

Failures continued to happen.

He was beginning to lose hope.

Until one day.

When everything begin to make sense.

When he won a national competition.

When it became the most important thing in his life to secure a promising job.

Grades did not matter.


She was a quiet person.

Shy by nature, since her childhood.

Growing up required her to speak up even at times when she didn’t want to.

She feared being judged for her ideas and her way of perceiving life.

Not everyone thought the way she did.

Not everyone was able to understand her feelings and emotions and why she felt the way she did.

She was different, for sure.

She wasn’t the typical girl you’ll meet randomly.

She had a hidden treasure within herself.

A treasure of ideas and thoughts she just couldn’t put into words.

And while the world continued to judge, she continued to keep things to herself.

That’s how she lived.

The world was too cruel, not letting her express herself.

And while keeping things to herself, she continued to blossom, because her thoughts were good and her intentions pure.




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