The little Ego we have…

And so often, we fail to realize the importance of a single text or a call, that could lighten up someone’s mood, or bring a smile to your parent’s face or heal some broken ties.

We tend to live with an ego, that is always adamant at ruining relationships.

And it always seem difficult for us to start a conversation, or talk humbly and politely.

We live in so much conceit, we thing of ourselves as Higher Beings, we remain self-centered, and these kind of things lead to no goodness.

We need to overcome the negatives in ourselves.

We need to adopt humility in our day to day interactions with people around.

It might take some time, but once you’ll succeed in it, you’ll be glad you worked on yourself.1000_bigstock-closeup-of-a-mature-woman-usin-8597689_20150201_001155


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